Thanks to Neil Adam Mark and Ben H. for the following WWE RAW spoilers from today's tapings in London, England. These will air tonight on the USA Network:

* RAW opens with a special international edition of MizTV. The Miz hypes his cage match with Shane McMahon at WWE Money In the Bank, then introduces his guest Roman Reigns. Reigns is quickly interrupted by Elias and his guitar. This also brings out Shane. Elias faces off with Reigns and Miz until Bobby Lashley comes from the side and helps Elias attack. Shane announces Lashley and Elias vs. Miz and Reigns for tonight

* The Miz and Roman Reigns defeated Elias and Bobby Lashley by DQ due to interference from Shane McMahon. After the match, Reigns lays Shane out and Miz fights the others off with a steel chair

* There's a lengthy video package for AJ Styles vs. Seth Rollins at Money In the Bank

* Shane McMahon has called Braun Strowman to his office. Sami Zayn is already in there complaining. Shane makes Strowman vs. Zayn and if Sami wins, he will get Braun's spot at MITB

* Mojo Rawley squashed Apollo Crews

* Nikki Cross is backstage with her enw gimmick. She's almost timid, very calm unlike before. She will be replacing Alexa Bliss in the Fatal 4 Way